Leadership Team

Rod Butterss

I am a serial entrepreneur, I can't help it, it's in my DNA. I have been blessed to have led amazingly talented teams where together we built market leading professional services brands including Icon, Ambit, Ajilon and Phoenix.

I've had my share of big wins along the way and experienced enough crash landings to have learnt many of life’s lessons.

My latest venture, Amadeus is all about building a community or federation of management and principal consultants who each maintain their own brands but leverage the community to access new customers, revenues and a range of services that support growth, in doing so, we provide:

- Working capital, cashflow and debtor finance to support growth

- Talent on tap for project delivery

- A community of like minded senior consultants who share ideas, networks, solutions and

- Personal and professional development to ensure continued growth and currency

- On trend offices / Co-working spaces in Richmond (Vic) and Surrey Hills (NSW) & Syd CBD

- Business planning to drive equity growth and exit planning, and it works!
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George Covino

Providing direction, leadership, and commercialisation assistance to innovative and creative business ideas that want growth and revenue.

I’m an outcome-oriented executive with a record of success. I believe in unpacking the complications a business faces and simplifying them to the key core components, creating understandable and executable plans consistently resulting in growth and revenue generation.

My experience ranges from business development to sales to marketing and everywhere in between, I’ve helped start-ups turn big and large enterprises get bigger. I believe that good foundations are forged from the right attitude. Be motivated, goal-oriented and perpetually optimistic – without ever forgetting the realities.

Even more, perhaps, than I understand the needs of a business, I understand the needs of an individual. Self-worth, future aspirations and an ability to surface and drive the desire to succeed.

Utilizing the lessons I’ve learnt from extensive experience, the networks I’ve built along the way, and an amazing team to work with, I spend my time at Amadeus, strategising clear and actionable plans for businesses and individuals who have a hunger for success.
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Christy Delmo

As chief operating officer here at Amadeus, I am the corporate executive who oversees ongoing business operations within the company.

My career started in media over 20 years ago having worked for some of Australia's largest publishers.

After working for large corporates, my desire to run my own business kicked in and together with my partner Rod Butterss, Amadeus group was born. At Amadeus group, I work with the best digital talent, senior consultants and a thriving customer base across the Defence, Technology, Media, Digital & Marketing.

Apart from our talent management business we also work closely with senior management and project consultants to help them grow and scale small consulting businesses.

We achieve this by accessing our consulting community to drive additional opportunities and support growth with a range of supporting services that including "talent on tap" payroll, debtor facilities, marketing and bid support and PI/PL insurance.
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Luke Littlewood

Multi-disciplined & highly ambitious business strategist with specific experience in Defence Recruitment, Sales , Business Development, Risk Management, Commercial Analysis and Strategic Relationship Management.

Strong commercial awareness with a proven track record of achieving objectives. I am accustomed to a highly regulated and disciplined environment and am strongly client/customer focused. I enjoy delivering outstanding results by driving a thoughtful, values-driven, responsive customer-centric approach to military sales and recruitment.

When not stuck behind a computer (or at work for that matter), I can be found painting or digesting book after book on African Political and Military History and volunteering for Anti-Poaching Conservation Organisations.
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Campbell Butterss

Campbell manages our Sourcing and Delivery arm of the business across all channels. Whether it be Executive Search, Consulting or Contracting he makes sure that Amadeus Group is providing the highest quality candidates to our trusted clients.

Robert Savage

Rob is a proven turnaround specialist, his focus is on performance improvement, he has a broad base of experience with larger SME’s and global companies.

He takes a highly consultative approach to working with his customers as both a teacher and driver of business performance and improvement.

He has prepared for and sold numerous businesses in the $20 to $100m revenue range, he has achieved this by developing strategies and implementing improvement plans that optimises returns for vendors, and makes the Due Diligence process less threatening. Rob’s particular strength is in driving profit and performance improvement using tools and processes based on a proven range of inter-related and inter-dependent initiatives including market, customer and product range reviews plus pricing policies and costs benefit analysis.

Additionally Rob supports his customers to drive significant cost reductions from an activity based costing approach, a simple but sophisticated process in maximising cash.
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Mark Lowy

Senior Principle Consultant with over 25 years of program and project management experience across a broad range of industries.

This professional experience includes concurrent end-to-end delivery of multi-million-dollar programs of work across diverse industry settings.

Mark is also President of Project Management Institute’s Melbourne Chapter, where he mentors project leaders and leads the transformation of the organisation.
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Paul Mateos

A change champion with a proven track record in risk mitigation through fundamental quality assurance practices coupled with innovative solutions using cutting edge technology. I bring with me 19 years of experience and a passion for continuous learning.

Automation fuels my enthusiasm having implemented continues integration frameworks for the private and government sectors, using all of the mainstream industry standard automation and performance testing tools and DevOps strategies.

I believe in the empowerment of others with positive leadership and setting a high standard of professionalism.
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Chris Linderman

Senior Principle Consultant with extensive experience across Defence systems engineering management, aerodynamics, bid and capture campaigns, systems engineering, project management and risk mitigation.